A Global way of thinking is necessary for people of the 21st century. It is important to learn how to think openly. We believe that if people with different fields of interest, at different ages, cooperate internationally, then they can learn a lot from each other. Cooperation, which crosses the borders, may give answers to many questions. Getting the proper knowledge is crucial nowadays. We need to get informed on a daily basis, but even doing so, it is hard to follow our fast paced world. Perhaps today information has a bigger value than ever, because of the fast-changing world and technology. It is such a huge task to be always informed and trendy. HeyPro team attempts to follow these rapid changes, and share them with the learners. For this reason, our contents are regularly refreshed, as the world is also changing.

We bring together entrepreneurs, young people, and persons taking care of their health, and even people looking for online money making.

Our fastest and unbarriered medium is the Internet, so we do most of our activities online.

Why do we educate this way?

Everybody can get knowledge according to their field of interest. Our educational materials have been made in everyday language, an easy-to-understand way, with many practical examples. .

Why do we educate this way?

Because we only share such information which the user can understand. It makes no sense to teach and use such terms, which are understood only by experts.

Our goal is to help our target groups, so after all of our basic lectures, we give everybody the chance to get further knowledge from us. Our follower programme may give guides and useful advice to our members, even for years.

According to our experience, people need complex programmes. It is not enough to give answers to a question in a certain area, because it gives only a temporary solution. Of course, knowledge has to be gained and utilised step-by-step. Thus, the basics always have to be laid well. The situation is the same with us, because we can give you a higher education level based on good foundations.

We believe, that we can learn from anybody: everyone shall decide on there own, what is useful and what is not. For this reason, by certain conditions, our courses are suitable for our members and students.

Why is it useful for members?

You can gain knowledge that can be used in everyday life. It is important to get the right information about what kind of problem people are seeking a solution for. So on a closed community platform we have brought together consumers with different fields of interest at different ages, to make them learn from each other. Anybody, if shares his/her experiences about a topic, in which he/she is professional in, and if it has a proper audience, then everybody can gain profit from that. Our members, students can make international contacts, for which we ensure an internal, professional platform.


heypro team revolutionises consumer society.

That consumer society, which slowly goes to the Internet. Online commerce is still developing, and gains more and more ground from traditionally operating businesses. We are going digital, this has to be acknowledged by everyone. HeyPro helps and supports its members with 21. century tools.

Become the part of this cooperation. Choose from our training materials, which one suits you, stay informed about this new way of thinking.