Many small and medium enterprises are struggling nowdays, because they do not know how to handle the digital age, with the new opportunities provided by Internet. They make experiments, try many things, which sometimes lead to success, sometimes do not. According to statistics, two-thirds of enterprises are just staying alive, thus not making enough profit. Although everybody knows that profit is necessary for further developments and improvements.

There is also a layer of entrepreneurs, who deny online support for their own company. They think, that what has been working for many years, should be still working in the upcoming years. Unfortunately the situation is different. Consumers habits have been and are changing even faster. This should be kept in mind by a 21 century enterprise. So, trends shall be followed.

Do you feel like your company is ready for these challenges?

You have to be shown on the web, because your company has a chance to survive only this way. This is the minimum! Unfortunately, this is still not enough for success! You have to manage or let it managed according to proper guidelines, month-by-month. Why do we say month-by-month? Because the world is moving ever faster, as you have already noticed. Some years ago, you could not imagine that the internet would not be the number one platform via computers , now when people are looking for something, they use their smart phones. Yes, now almost 80% of commerce happens via phones. So this shows, that you should have at least one mobile-friendly website. Furthermore, trends are heading to applications,

A traditional enterprise shall be consciously managed towards this development, while you have the chance to get a market share only this way.

For these changes, knowing your market and scanning your customers habits are crucial.

In case you are about to launch an enterprise now, then thorough planning is inevitable, with which you can spare much time and money. Anybody may get a market advantage even in half a year, if proper techniques are learnt and utilised in the enterprise.

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Would you like to become the market leader?

Who would not like to know how customer habits will look like a half or one year from now. How much advantage would you gain against your competitors, if you could foresee the processes. We can not promise you to give such a knowledge, but we know, that consumers can be influenced by different tools, which will define their future purchases.

We educate our students so, that we give the basics first, on which they can build. We lay down four basic pillars, which are unfortunately denied by many even now.

What do I sell? Who do I sell it to? How do I sell? What do I do?

If these are not properly defined in the life of an enterprise, then chances of long term success decrease. That’s why we put a great emphasis on them.

In our basic course, which consists of 4 modules, we show you step-by-step, how to build up or transform an enterprise following 21. century modern trends.

We also speak about a very important topic, which is losing customers.

There is no such enterprise, which do not face this problem on an everyday basis. Here comes the solution: replace existing customers with new ones. But this is not that easy! It would be ideal, to incite our existing customers to buy again, meanwhile gaining new customers. In this case, our enterprise would grow, and of course, if we manage it well, then our profit as well. We introduce through practical examples how to incite existing customers while getting new ones.

Would you like to profitabily operate your company?

You can achieve this only in a methodical way.

It is not the end yet, this is just the beginning. Learn more about our sections –which could be seen by only those members, who have alread completed the basic course- which introduce a long-term perspective for your enterprise. According to thematics planned for 2-3 years ahead, we introduce you to the world of investors and co-owners, of course step-by-step. We build your company in monthly terms, showing the way. You only have to apply things learnt here.

Trust in HeyPro, and we basically change your image about your company.

Our company has got a favorite slogan: ’you have to choose your future, otherwise others will do it for you”

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