Nowdays we have to pay more and more attention to our health. In our rapidly developing world, artifically produced food products are getting more widespread. We have very few opportunities to move and do sports, because our minutely scheduled days do not make it possible. This stressful lifestyle has a giant effect on our physical and mental balance. We have to recognise the signs in time, and do something, beforel it is not too late.

Humans of the 21st century live unhealthy lives. Unfortunately, it is not easy to avoid and prevent these unhealthy issues, becuse our water, air and food products are heavily infected. The solution is to create a health-conscious lifestyle right from the start. Prevention is the key to everything. If we start to live healthy in time, then we have the chance to affect our health positively in the long-term. Beside healthy nutrition, it is also very important, to feed ourselves well, both mentally and physically. Thus, we have to deal with the mental part too.

The health-promotion programme of HeyPro attempts to give a general image and guide for the interested people. Our programme gives help for 30 days for those, who truly believe in prevention. We give you daily nutritional advice, of course with recipes and other relevant guides. What, why, and how to consume, to make our body get the necessary nutritions and vitamins, of course showing that in daily schedules.

Daily excercise should be the necessary part of our days. Unfortunately many diseases could be prevented, if we dealt with maintaining our body every day, which we can do by excercise. By a programme compiled by practical experts, everybody can learn the right ways, which can ensure general well-being regardless of your age.

We put a great emphasis on mental balance as well, in our programme, this section will also take a major role. Several meditating and yoga practices help people.

We know, that health is really a central topic. Thus, it should be developed according to more serious thematics. HeyPro is not going to release its product in the market, until it does give a full and professional image about what we are providing. We are looking for partners, who are leading experts of these topics, to help our work with their knowledge.

Estimated market release: Q2/2018.