Many young people are looking for an opportunity, which can change their social status. It is inevitable you need to have some financial intelligence. Even if you know the meaning of the word, it is unsure, that you will be able to succesfully apply that for your own life.

A young person in his/her twenties has to struggle with many problems nowadays. You can either follow examples from your parents or not. It can be motivating, or you can think about life in a very different way. There is nothing wrong with that because you are different generations, you have grown up in very different eras. They did not have to face unemployment, like you. For today’s youth it is even hard to get their first workplace opportunity. Excuses show up, like you do not have enough experience, you are too young, or even over-trained, and we can continue the list all day. Without parental help, being successful in the beginning is not easy for sure. In your university years, you will have a hard time paying the rent and educational fees.

What we are going to spend on entertainment? We have not spoken about that yet....

The question is, whether scholar education prepares the youth of nowdays for these many challenges?

We believe that the education system of nowadays does not fully prepare you for real life!

Many things are taught, which are absolutely unnecessary. They are trying to compete in the 21. century while following old rules. To confess, this is an impossible mission. Our world has been accelerated to such extent what is valid today, becomes quite unnessessary tomorrow.

Every generation has to control its own personal development, they have the chance to overcome. HeyPro team believes in, that if generations cooperate, and share their knowledge with each other, then everybody gains profit. We give help to people across the age and experience spectrum. Because all are looking for, how to create a lifestyle for themselves and future family.

We are building the future, stay with us!

I would like to get the course

Our basic training, which consists of 2 modules, lays down some rules, which we act on accordingly. We think fully globally, because problems of the youth are across borders. Our members can get international contacts, which they can use for their own interest. We show how entrepreneurs, students, health-conscious people and those, who are looking for online money making can work with each other, by making a group stronger. We give an inight into the operation of our team, and if you like the concept created by us, then we provide the opportunity to join us.

After the course, at certain points, you can participate in a long-term programme, training, where they receive education material, which can be used on a daily basis. The educational material is built up thematically, with which they can even launch their own enterprise.

Beside the training purchased for £25, they can take part on our basic training free of charge. They can fully customise their profile for the course in their own web office, and can even build international relationships.

Would you like to test yourself in a global group?

Apply to our training, or ask for the free e-book, and stay informed!

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HeyPro, the cooperation across borders!

Nowadays the Internet is developing rapidly, that is not disputed. The question is, whether we fully know its opportunities or not. Everybody uses it on a daily basis, and mostly the younger generation spends 4-5 hours per day on the web. We created our concept by realising that, for the younger generation so many use it every day, that it has become a habit. Because we have the devices in our hands, on when we chat for hours, send e-mails or eventually play. We will give you another tool, which helps you to make some extra money following the course.

Primarly such an opportunity, with which you can basically change your financial position. You will get training material which you can use in your everyday life. And if you join us, then you will be richer with financial and business knowledge too.

Others said after finishing the training:

"I bought the 2 week course because I was curious how they can help me to earn extra money. The system is very simple which HeyPro Team created. I can only recommend it to others. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of this team."
Peter 19 years old, student

"I always wanted to belong to a global team and here I could. I have learned a lot, which I didn’t learn at school. It is very useful that they provide ongoing support even after the two week course. The information they share is useful too. The atmosphere in the group is awesome! It is worth every penny."
Agnes, 24 years old, manager

In your customised web office, you can follow events every day. You can become part of an international team! If you upload your profile into your office, then members in your group can meet you, so you may meet new people, even on an international level. csapatnak! Az irodádba, ha feltöltöd profilodat, akkor a csoportban lévő tagok megismerhetnek így akár új ismerősöket is szerezhetsz, nemzetközi szinten.

We introduce you in detail, how people with different fields of interest work together by helping each other. After completing the course, for half a year, you get free access to certain parts of our upcoming programmes, where you can learn how to plan your future. We help you to define your goals, and give you real advice to reach them.

£25, let’s say it is not a cost for you, but an investment into your future, to sharpen your mind. You can spend that amount of money on so many things, which give you only temporary happiness, but tomorrow you do not even remember what you have spent it for. Here with us, you get value, which you can review anytime in your own web office.

For your money, you get a 2-module access, which you can watch according to your own time schedule.

Click on the I would like to get the 2-module training button, provide an easy-to-remember password, and let’s start your journey on the way to your goals.

If you are an entrant, or you are still learning, and you are open for new ideas, then this idea is for you, do not miss it!

We are awaiting such people into HeyPro team, who are ready to change, and willing to act. Who take care of their own destiny, in order to get a more predictable future.